This morning I was getting a fire going as it was pretty chilly waking up. Usually my partner, Mark, would be the one to do that, but he is off overseas on a business

That title is a nod to the brilliant + hilarious Flight of the Conchords, one of my favourite New Zealand-centered shows of all time. But in all seriousness, today is International Women's Day +

We live in a beautiful little beach community called Mangawhai. Every day I wake up feeling very grateful for living here, except for ... the effing climbing asparagus. This weed is the bane of my

Every month we grab a question from one of my clients and answer it briefly here and more in-depth in our monthly newsletter.Today, Samantha asked: “I don’t understand why my tax accountant shows I

Let's have a little chat about debt.Have you taken on extra debt to get through the ups + downs of the COVID economy? One of the big discussion points among the Profit First Professionals community when

Julie, an amazing woman in her 40s, worked in corporate America her whole life. This year she acquired the line of business she had been working in from her employer stepping into the CEO

This week I'm keeping it short and sweet for two reasons:I'm getting on a plane for the first time in months to take the weekend off. In New Zealand, we have the luxury of

As one region of New Zealand deals with lockdown while the rest of the country carries on, I keep thinking about a short film we watched earlier this year by The Economist discussing the 90% economy.So

And another really-not-fun statistic:83% of small businesses actually never make a cash profit.Let that sink in for a minute.And yet from the outside, do you feel like your friends and family think "wow, you

Quick answer: YES!Medium answer: YES!Long answer: YES!That's how passionate I am about the answer to the question I get asked often ... can Profit First really work for start-ups? Not only can it work,