What's Your Personal Money Code?

Everyone has one: our own personal money story. We learned about money from our families. They learned from their families and so on. Not only that, but life gets in the way. Money events happen. Perhaps you have experienced some "money trauma". Perhaps you have experience some "money magic". All of this imprints and shapes our money stories.

And how about the people in your life? Your significant other? They too come into the relationship with a money story. How do you navigate yours with theirs?

Our Personal Money Code quiz will quickly pinpoint your own archetype when it comes to money. And with that knowledge, we are then able to start working with the positive traits + the negative traits of each type. We can employ specific money archetype strategies into your Profit First methodology. We can set things up in a way that gives you "permission" to approach your money in a manner that is healthy ... for you, for your family, for you business.

So take the quiz today + let us know your results.

Source: Quiz Methodology is used with permission as a certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach.