"I wish I had discovered Profit First back when I started my company!"

That's what we hear over + over from clients all around the world. It's actually what I said to myself when I finally implemented it and turned around my business.

But here's the thing: it's actually never too late to get started. It's also never too early to get started. Having worked with companies who have racked up 7-figure losses to companies who haven't even seen their first $ of revenue coming in the door yet + are still pre-revenue, we work with you to ensure that you set up healthy financial habits so you don't have to be a business owner with regrets.

Cally was tired of the daily grind in her marketing agency + was really tired of never having enough cash to pay herself after she had paid all of her vendors + other monthly bills. After working with Jennifer for 8 weeks to implement Profit First, she had completely turned the business around. This is an email Jennifer received after Cally's first quarter-end after implementing Profit First with Jennifer.

Hi lovely lady! I hope you're doing really well :)

I thought you might want to hear about some of my awesome results since working with you - and it is all thanks to you helping me put systems into place and adjusting my mindset.

In addition to the below achievements, I also feel such a sense of satisfaction, control and peace when I do my Profit First calculations every two weeks. It gives me confirmation that I'm heading in the right direction, I have way more than I think I have and it's all going to be ok.

  • I officially pivoted my business to only working with Google Ads (hence my email signature) and I actually enjoy my business for the first time!
  • I said good-bye to a couple of draining clients by giving them the option to either pay my new hourly rate of $125 or best of luck!
  • I have now hired 8 different sub-contractors who are doing the work I do not enjoy so I can continue to provide quality service but it's not all on me...still working toward taking me out of the middle man completely. Until I have full faith in them I'm going to continue to check their work and send it to the client.
  • I had my largest month by far in January - $20,000!
  • I'm debt-free both personally and professionally.
  • I'm doing my taxes and I'm not worried if I'll have enough to cover my fees if anything is due.
  • I have now officially saved $9561 for our move back to Australia AND $10,158 saved toward our first house.

Thank you for changing my life!!! I can't wait for the day when I get to give you a big hug when we're both back down under. xx


Why work with us

We will get you on the right path of understanding your company financials without having to learn or love accounting. 

We will get you on the right path to permanent profitability from your very next bank deposit.

We will get you on the right path to paying yourself what you are actually worth.

We will get you on the right path to having savings for both you + your tax bills.

We will get you on the right path to having peace + clarity around how to run your cash flow.

One-on-one Consulting

Working one-on-one with Jennifer, we will fully customise Profit First for your industry, stage of growth, personal goals + for the New Zealand environment. 

She will meet with you via Zoom once a week for 8 weeks to guide you through not just how to implement Profit First in your business, but also we will delve into the strategic profit drivers for your business, the goals you have for your business and your life and so much more.

Combining the technical aspects the of Profit First methodology with the mindset work needed to fall in love with your business, Jennifer will accelerate your path to a fully customised Profit First implementation.

8 week 1-on-1 programme is $3,200 + GST

Payment Plans Available + the programme is an approved Regional Business Partner programme so funding may be available for you to subsidise the cost.

Profit First Pod

This is how you can implement Profit First on your own with ongoing support + accountability, after reading the Profit First book, take our D-I-Y self-study course. 

You will get step-by-step implementation videos + an indepth workbook to figure it all out on your own, as well as access for 6 months to our private Facebook community and our fortnightly live group coaching calls where you can ask Jennifer all of your Profit First questions.

Not only will you have the tools + knowledge to customise the book's concepts for your business, you will also be in the company of like-minded business owners who are also on their own Profit First journey.

Just $997 + GST

Payment Plans Available so that you can spread out the cost of the 6 month membership to suit your cash flow. Of course, in the Profit First way, there is a discount for paying upfront.

Book a 15 Minute Discovery Call with Jennifer

Are you trying to decide which Profit First implementation method is best for you? Jump on a discovery call with Jennifer + jointly we will work out how best + most efficiently you can get started on your Profit First journey.

Use the calendar link below to book your call.